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Consents will also not be requir when install cookies us for analytical purposes, to count the number of users visit a given website. Install other types of cookies (even those that allow the display of individualiz advertisements) and other intifiers will require the user’s consent, but it will be express through the appropriate setts of the web browser – and not, as before, by accept notifications display on the website. Cookies in web browser setts If you are not a provir of web browsers, from a business point of view, the follow matters do not apply to you. Nevertheless, read on. You are surely a browser user (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer), so it’s worth know what awaits you.

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The software in accordance with the GDPR principle of privacy by fault (which we will write about in one of the next articles). This means that provirs of software enabl access to the Internet should inform end users at the time of installation of the browser UAE Mobile Number List about the possibility of choos privacy setts from different options. Rang from the highest (for example, “never accept cookies”), to the lowest (for example, “always accept cookies”), and intermiate (for example, “reject third-party cookies” or “only accept first-party cookies”). And only after provid such information can they ask the user to make a choice. The information provid should not discourage end users from opt for a higher level of privacy setts.

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Information about the risks of consent to the storage of cookies , includ the compilation of data from the user’s long-term search history and the use of such logs to send target advertis. Cookies – lawyer’s comment Due to the ubiquity of persistent UK Email Database cookies and other track techniques, web users are constantly ask to consent to the acceptance of cookies. Annoy requests for consent to the storage of cookies in the form of banners cover part of the website or pop-up windows will probably soon be forgotten. The ePrivacy Regulation introduces a transparent and user-friendly solution to the problem of “cookies” by shift the obligation to obtain consent to store persistent cookies from website owners to web browser provirs.

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