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Fighting disinformation how to report fake news? How to create run a support group on Facebook? KAROL JACHYMEK COMMUNICATION MARKETING What can emoji do? About the role of emoji in team communication Schuling Facebook posts. things you should know KINGA PAŃCZYSZYN-LISKIEWICZ COMMUNICATION MARKETING How to write a really good social project? CONTACT THE ITOR Michal Serwinski michal.serwinskifrsi.orgl SHARE Facebook Twitter LinkIn E-mail Printing subscribe Connect using guest COMMENTS AUTHOR OF THE POST Mirella Panek-Owsianska Mirella Panek-Owsianska For over years, it has been operating at the junction of the non-governmental, public, business acamic sectors.

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Expert Author of press articles, lecturer, mentor trainer. One of the founrs of the Cosmos for Girls foundation, graduate member of the School for Lears Council, long-term presint of the Responsible Business Forum, former spokeswoman Russia Mobile Number List for Amnesty International. Initiator of many groups projects for women. He loves new technologies. All entries by the authorArtificial intelligence in practice. How to use ChatGPT? Kamil Sliwowski Kamil Sliwowski 29223 CONTENTS How does ChatGPT work? How to use ChatGPT? What are prompts how to use them? Tips for writing prompts Limitations of ChatGPT, or when to validate answers million users monthly.

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ChatGPT is growing faster than Instagram

Chatbot with which writing for many people. Replaces searching for information on the web, even writing e-mails essays, has great potential to change the way we work creatively learn. How to start using it what to watch out for so as not to be fool by the UK Email Database limitations of AI tools. How does ChatGPT work? ChatGPT is a chatbot, a tool for conducting conversations with a human bas on the so-call generative AI (artificial intelligence that can create content in response to instructions). We call such tools artificial intelligence because they can unrst our language answer almost any question in it (not necessarily accurately. Year by year, this technology works better better, ChatGPT experienc the greatest leap in popularity.

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