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Stage Composing the kernel First of all we took into account the specifics of the business the state of the resource in particular its youth the characteristics of the domain. In order to successfully launch work on the project bring it to the top it was necessary to carefully collect semantics analyze a large number of keys. To complete the task we attract teams specializing in SEO. Keywords were collect from a variety of sources including search suggestions phrases from our competitors in the Serpstat service. As a result of large-scale work a list of words about was compil arrang in priority order. Formation of tasks for technical optimization Stag Formation of tasks for technical optimization usability implementation of new functions To successfully launch an online store make it competitive in the Ukrainian market it was important.

Achieve stable trouble-free operation

Therefore we attract developers who solv a number of tasks adapt the resource for mobile devices; implement the option to make changes changes to optimiz texts correct metadata; set up the hreflang canonical attributes sitemap generation template for meta tags etc.; creat site addresses NC; add more breadcrumbs. Especially thoroughly work on the Philippines Phone Number List quality of usability. We have made recommendations regarding the development of each page of the site. All these actions made it possible without being distract by fixing technical problems to deal exclusively with SEO. Stage Compil a portrait of the target audience Accomplishing this task is an  public loyalty to the br.

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Important step towards increasing

It also allow us to determine who is interest in Winetime products to underst why customers rarely make repeat orders. After the analysis we made a couple of recommendations for the development of the site focus on optimizing the mobile version since the majority of customers are – years old i.e. they are people who actively use mobile devices to search UK Email Database order goods on the Internet; consider a loyalty program to motivate customers to repeat orders. Among the propos options bonus system personal account wish-list e-mail distribution. Compil a portrait of the target audience The application of these tips in practice allow us to increase the conversion improve the recognition of Winetime in the Ukrainian market.

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