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Which enables better organization of customer service. The intuitive panel will enable assign an account to a user, different levels of data access. Connect a secretarial module, information on line availability (BLF – busy lamp field), record and analyz calls, configuration or upload telephone addresses. CRM also allows for forward, IVR (voice announcement system, which we will talk about in more tail in point ), sett work hours, etc. . Build a relationship with the client Do you know what is the weakest point of telemarket. Lack of organization translates into poor customer service. Bad service should be unrstood not only in the narrowest finition of. This expression, but also, for example, call a given person spite his clear objection.

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In the CRM system, which will help us better organize outgo calls. At the opposite extreme of unwant calls is build customer relationships . Consir whether, when call with a problem, you would not like to talk to someone “friend” who knows the El Salvador Mobile Number List case. The CRM system allows you to intify or connect with the same consultant, which will make the client establish a bond with your company. A stationary PBX does not provi such opportunities, and may even be harmful by harass” the client. . Better data analysis Do you think that CRM is just the organization of phone calls? Well, no, thanks to the system you also have the possibility of better data analysis.

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Bills reports statistics and import or export data. Thanks to this, you get the information ne to evaluate the call and contact center, without hav to focus on listen to calls or request the operator every time you ne such data. . Virtual exchange: higher UK Email Database quality of service As we can conclu from the previous points, PBX, integrat with the CRM system, which gives automation, the ability to collect customer data and analyze them translates into a higher quality of services . The virtual switchboard therefore directly and indirectly affects the service of your customers. Time sav How much time do your salespeople waste cutt their voicemail? Let’s count.

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