Our Guide To Selling On Lazada As An International Seller

Therefore, Lazada is a fantastic place to turn to when selling to consumers in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and more — even when you’re strapped for cash. With over 200 million (and growing) monthly visits, Lazada is a platform where the lucrative opportunities are virtually limitless. Currently, there are 300 million inventory storage units (SKUs) on site, many of which are involved in 3C products, household goods, toys, fashion apparel, and sports equipment. Demand will only grow from here! If you’re considering becoming a Lazada international seller, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Lazada International Seller?

Therefore, Since Lazada is an eCommerce platform serving multiple countries in the SE region. Many people ask whether being a database Lazada seller automatically makes them a Lazada International Seller. Therefore, The answer is “no”.

Registering as a Lazada seller in your country means that you will be able to sell products online using the Lazada platform (but only around your country).

A Lazada International Seller (or cross-border seller) is someone who can operate their business on any Lazada platform. This means if you have a business headquartered in Singapore, as a Lazada International Seller, you will also be able to sell your products to other Lazada regions such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

What Fees Should I Pay At Lazada Center?


Therefore, At the time of writing, Lazada does not charge its sellers (cross-border or otherwise) a monthly or flat fee. This means you don’t have to pay upfront when you create a Lazada store.

Fees are only charged each time you make a sale. If you are a regular seller. The payout will be 2% of the amount UK Email Database paid for the transaction. And it is 2% to 4% for Lazada cross-border sellers. The estimated commission fee for the products you sell will largely depend on the Lazada region where you sell.

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