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However when you start looking at them closely, it turns out that tailoring them to specific nes processes is costly time-consuming. It also often involves giving up many ias making compromises that you do not want to accept. By choosing custom software, you don’t have to worry about it. You can be sure that it will meet all your requirements, support unique business processes support the velopment of your company. Christopher OlczakWhy do companies velopers choose microservices? c , / min According to the “Microservices in the Enterprise, ” survey, conduct among , velopers IT managers of large mium-siz companies, % of them believe that it is worth investing in microservices because they make work easier for all users.

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Are a proven reliable way to create IT solutions. What are the advantages of using this architecture? First, let’s get to know the finition of microservices For microservices, was a breakthrough. It was then that this architecture began to be talk about, today its popularity is growing at a very fast pace. Microservices is an approach in which we Venezuela Mobile Number List create an application divid into many modules. Each of them is responsible for a group of functions relat to one business issue. All modules can communicate with each other creating a single whole – an application or a system, e-commerce. Dividing one system into smaller pieces makes it easier to manage grow. Each “piece” can be replac, improv or repair without disturbing the operation of the entire system.

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Process does not affect the ability to use information dashboards. The main advantages of microservices: increasing system performance; easier software architecture management; easier velopment of veloping given components; scaling at the UK Email Database level of a given service, not the entire system; minimizing the risk of errors in other modules; ruction of costs relat to system velopment; uninterrupt system updates; greater reliability – the instability of one element does not affect the others. Monoliths are no longer so attractive to business end users Let’s imagine one large structure with a very compact structure. Next to it is another, equally large structure, but ma of several interconnect elements.

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