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This time was also vot to training and testing. FUNCTIONING OF THE HELPLINE The hotline was launch on July , . Since then, the number of customers using it has been increasing every month. Functions of the Focus Contact Center platform us in the hotline (the most important): voice announcement system (IVR) call queuing call forwarding call transfers to other users monitoring the work of consultants and the quality of work reporting call recording and archiving Especially for the nes of the project, Focus Telecom Polska creat an information service that allows importing a knowlge base for consultants.

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With sections dicat to particular topics, categories within them, and then groups of services. For easier use, the website has a search engine. The website is integrat with the hotline, thanks to which the consultant can find the information Henan Mobile Phone Number List he nes without leaving the system. EFFECTS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE HELPLINE In the first months after the hotline was implement, over , citizens us it . Integration with a rich and transparent knowlge base and adapt telecommunications architecture allow consultants to inform citizens about services provid to them by public administration.

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On how to al with official matters and applicable procures, and, if necessary, have the option of transferring the call to the appropriate ministry or voivodship office.A potential customer calls the company, but while waiting for the UK Email Database connection, he gives up the conversation. If you call him back within minutes, chances are good to regain his interest and make a sale. Automatic callbacks are a particularly useful tool here. Miss call – loss of customer loyalty and revenue for the company Failure to answer a call from a client in the company raises his unrstandable discouragement. the callback time, the callback will be ma at the time indicat.

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