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Honest. 56.3% of brands will choose their customers as influencers the likes of glossier and drunk elephant have pav the way for brands to choose their customers as influencers. Filling fes with shoppers ready to share their experience. Many fashion. Luxury and beauty brands have start to see the value in this by following suit. “I think seeing glossier. With its 2m+ followers. Share posts from consumers. Whether they are influencers or not. Demonstrates the importance the brand places on people and communities. That’s not to say that influencer marketing isn’t useful – but I think the two complement each other.” says tania syan. A glossier customer who collaborat on the brand’s page.

The Gap Between Technology and the

Brands are becoming increasingly creative in implementing strategies capable of increasing sales through influencer campaigns. In the last month. However. For most of the campaigns we have mov from content bas mainly on product promotion to ucation. Storytelling and social initiative content. To provide the public with the right type of entertainment in such an uncertain moment. The effectiveness of influencer marketing as a sales driver is unlikely to decline. But the ways in which digital creators sell and promote products for brands will change – b2b leads through personaliz experiences. Content that tells a story. And more natural and engaging actions.

B2b leads

World of Fashion. Luxury and Beauty

Channels and activations in the future of influencer marketing. With brands and influencers seeking a more personal communication relationship with their customers and followers. In 2020 we publish the sixth ition of our state of influencer marketing report– for which we interview more than 900 brands. Agencies and influencers in order to understand their position on influencer  UK Email Database marketing and the challenges and motivations that impact them most. In this article. We will share some of the key data from the report to better analyze what influencer marketing looks like today and what it will look like tomorrow. 94% consider influencer marketing effective for increasing sales the influencer marketing industry has grown to such heights that it is no surprise that there has been an increase in the number of professionals finding this strategy effective for driving sales in 2020. With new platforms like tiktok generating sales sold out in seconds .

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