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The partners and patrons of the event were the Polish bt Collection Association, the Association of Loan Companies, SMSAPI, Harvard Business Review Polska, Pożyczkaportal and Katalog Marzeń. “Breakfasts in the cloud” is a series of morning workshops for business, during which IT solutions for companies, available in the cloud computing mol, are present. The organizer of the meetings is Focus Telecom Polska.Call center systems ma available in the digital cloud, which a dozen or so years ago were a kind of novelty, are now a standard. Cloud solutions give you more opportunities and save money. How to use them? Read more about our cloud call center system: Focus Contact Center > What is a cloud call center.

Cloud call center is solution supporting

Sales and telemarketing, thanks to which employees of these partments can not only call customers, but also monitor contacts with them. Call center managers can take full advantage of the fact that a call center organiz in the cloud means not only the Tongliao Phone Number List possibility of making calls (at more affordable prices), but also better planning of team activities, saving time and money, monitoring the history of contacts with clients, implementing various campaigns using the best agents and much more. Cloud call center is a very comprehensive solution. Below we present more of its advantages and reasons why a cloud call center is the best investment in today’s morn business.

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Remotely is one of the main advantages of a cloud call center , but often other, equally important factors termine the choice of a cloud solution. Due to them, cloud call centers are now also us in most companies whose consultants work only UK Email Database stationary, at the company’s headquarters. The key advantages of a cloud call center are: scalability – you can increase (or crease) the number of stations at any time. This applies both to situations relat to the velopment of the company, as well as to periodic nes, eg during Christmas sales; savings – the company receives a “cloud” service, so it does not have to buy IT equipment or employ people to maintain and service it; security.

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