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That he will make a purchase in your store will significantly increase Taking advantage of customer interest The more general an ad is, the less chance a user will take action On the other h, a campaign relat to specific interests, although it will have a much smaller reach, may result in more transactions Thanks to Pixel Facebook, you can easily create audiences relat to subpages of your store If someone often visits guides relat to choosing a new notebook, they will probably be interest in the computer department – not only laptops, but also all additional devices such as mice, printers or computer.

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Games Such extensive personalization of advertising campaigns allows you to gain the trust of Facebook users, which is much more difficult in the case of general advertising spots What about people who have given up buying the product? The Greece Mobile Number List Facebook pixel also allows you to isolate customers who have add some products to the cart but have not made any transaction This means that they gave up the purchase Perhaps they were not entirely convinc of the rightness of their choice It is therefore worth showing them once again the benefits of buying your br’s products At.

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The same time, reminding them about the transaction they plann will help some of them return to the abon cart complete the payment Users who look at your products but don’t buy them The middle part of the funnel is market researchers They try UK Email Database to assess which offer will be best for them If a customer often visits your store’s website, but does not make any transactions, it may be worth encouraging them to choose your company It is worth applying discounts promotional purchase conditions in this case In this way, you can encourage.awareness, reminder about products offers, completion of purchases by users Br awareness is how consumers know it When.

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