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Contact with the customer and adjust it appropriately to. The sales stage can count on success. The world is inseparable from data. From historical documents, books, to data that allows you to prict the weather or us by scientists in almost every field of knowlge. However, in the st century, data relat to business, entertainment or social mia is generat at an alarm rate. Meet Focus Contact Center a comprehensive communication platform in the cloud. This is confirm by forecasts indicat that their current daily increase may exce what humanity has. Produc throughout its history (includ the th century). Forrester Research, on the other hand, estimates that currently.

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Zettabytes and projections for growth will start to meet. Moore’s law in the next few years. Data creation machine Everyth we do online, includ us social network sites, chatt, tweet, send emails, brows online resources or sett up accounts and mak purchases Bahamas Mobile Number List in online stores, results in the collection of large amounts of data. This information request. On the server si, the login systems themselves generate a lot of “minor information” by enter the user’s website. For example, a small website visit by several hundr users a day can generate several hundr MB of text data in one day. Within a month, it is several GB, and after several years of existence of a constantly velop service, the collect data can even be count in TB.

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Data to store Let’s be honest – we’ve never had as much data as we do today. Processes relat to their process, storage, management and distribution are a serious technological challenge. With the increas amount of data (most of which will never UK Email Database be us anyway), we ne technology that efficiently and quickly processes and analyzes such large collections. And we have her! And it is hidn unr a rather catchy market term – Big Data . Big Data, or xV Forrester Research researchers fine Big Data as techniques and technologies that enable obtain business value from collect data. From the point of view of computer science, this technology must meet the characteristics fin by the abbreviation xV: . Volume – large data sets.

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