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They ask me the same thing every time! ) Maintaining. The relationship A very important function for improving the quality of customer service and. Organizing the complaint process. According to research, customers like to be served by a person they know and hate repeating their business to another employee . In orr to meet both of these preferences. The complaint handling program automatically directs the contact (phone call, chat or email) to a dicated consultant or the consultant who last served this customer. The relationship maintenance mechanism is automatic it works based on.

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Email address or cookie file or login in the case of chat . Thanks to this, both the customer is satisfied and your consultants have orr in handled complaints. Scripts and complaint forms A good script will allow your consultants to collect the relevant Macedonia Mobile Number List data. From the client and provi them with the information required by law or your company’s policy . You should also be able to build a complaint form into the script the consultant will mark the appropriate boxes and fields based on the conversation with the client and certainly will not forget to ask the client anything. The data necessary to handle the complaint will be automatically download by the complaint handling system.

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Here again pay attention to the possibility

Handling multiple products if you sell different things or services. Each of them should have its own complaint form. ) Extend reporting Most claim handling software has a builtin reporting module, but for serious analysis, you need meticulous UK Email Database charts, figures and summaries . Thanks to extend reporting (socalled insight reporting ), you will conduct an inpth analysis of complaints based on data collected in forms ( which product has the most complaints, what breaks down most often, how long it takes to handle complaints for a given product etc.

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