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The crisis caus by the panmic has only accelerat what is inevitable in companies – digitization of processes, including sales customer service. Those who had already bet on the velopment of digitization could fully use their potential. On the other h, companies that had not been focus on online communication so far began to see its potential, then tri to implement new solutions in their goals activities with better or worse results. So how to effectively use the potential of SMS in sales service processes? Challenges in the communication sphere Consumers have already got us to the fact that more more things can be done online using a smartphone or other mobile vices.

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Contract with a telecommunications network operator is now possible without leaving home. The dynamic velopment in the field of information communication technology the search for new effective forms of economic activity influenc both the evolution of structures in the service marketing partments, as well as challenges in the area of Mexico Mobile Number List communication between enterprises customers. These changes had a direct impact on customer expectations, thus increas the cost of marketing activities. It is estimat that the current costs of employees in the sale service increas by about , this is partly because customers expect an immiate response – after hours from.

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Sale drops by half! Therefore, one of the most important directions of transformations transformations of morn companies is the SMS communication mol in sales service activities. Companies wanting to use the potential of SMS must therefore make a quick analysis possible correction or extension of communication channels, while maintaining UK Email Database the right synergy between them data flow. Choosing the right tool that will enable non-stard multi-channel communication (including SMS, e-mail or chat) while maintaining data flow reliable reporting is a real challenge. One of the effective solutions is the Call Center in the cloud offer by Focus Telecom (in the cloud computing mol), which allows for simple implementation quick implementation of service sales activities via SMS.

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