frequently asked questions about the advantage of creating your own WordPress theme

Creating your WordPress theme makes it very easy to optimize your web pages. You design a site that perfectly meets the needs of your business. Today, there are still a lot of themes (free or licensed) that are unfortunately not optimized. Developing your own tools within your website is an excellent idea for optimizing page loading time, developing an optimized HTML page, integrating a personalized graphic model, meeting the specific objectives of a website, etc.

Why create your WordPress theme

thank you Kevin for these reasons to develop a custom WordPress theme. I will add that in most cases, a theme from a library will overload your Argentina Phone Number List overloaded back-office with options which are most often in English and which you will surely not use.

To analyze your WordPress, you can simply use: GTMetrix. This is a tool for precisely analyzing the loading of each file on a web page. Another option is the Chrome inspector accessible with a right-click and inspect. You will determine if your HTML code is correct. In the case of a general analysis, use a plugin that makes it easier for you.

When is it a bad idea to create your own WordPress theme

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Developing a WordPress theme is not very complicated. However, this step can take time. In case you do not want to waste time on optimizing your site, then I actually advise you to go on a WordPress theme. But it must be chosen with care UK Email Database using the test tools mentioned above.

If you’re considering building a WordPress site, one of the first decisions to make is whether you’re going to develop a custom theme or upload an existing one.

While both approaches have advantages, developing a custom theme offers several key advantages:



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