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Case – protection against losing leads The consulting and programming company offers ERP systems and other IT solutions for business. Each lead in this industry is very valuable due to the high value of the potential contract. The company cannot afford the risk of even a temporary lack of availability for potential customers. Missing one query can result in the loss of significant revenue. To protect against typical risks in corporate communication, such as Internet connectivity disruptions or even power failures, the company has integrat online communication channels, ISDN and GMS. All activities – customer service via mobile, landline telephone.

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Record on the Focus Contact Center communication platform available from the digital cloud. Each contact is automatically record, thanks to which it is easy to conduct further communication with clients or leads. The cloud solution means that Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List even in the absence of electricity or Internet connectivity, you can use the system via your mobile phone. Customer service via mobile phone and VoIP – the duo is the best solution The ability to make calls via a mobile phone on an Internet communication platform is a rare, yet very useful solution in business. This feature is available in our multi-channel customer service products: Focus Contact Center and Focus sk.

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With the customer via a mobile phone and the analysis of sales opportunities or solving the customer’s problem on a computer panel. It gives convenience that makes it easier to achieve higher sales results. As an alternative to Internet connectivity UK Email Database disruption, it also ensures contact reliability, which increases trust and increases customer loyalty.Nextbike serves over . million city bike users in Poland, using systems in cities (including Warsaw, Lublin, Białystok, Poznań and Wrocław). Such an impressive number requires efficient work organization, including tools for mass customer service. Every day, the customer service office records several dozen applications from customers.

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