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The most important information by cloudy Publish has long represent various types of data in graphical form. It’s hard to be surpris! According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , of the information transmitt to the brain is visual! Certainly, each of us has seen old maps showing the then image of the l or individual cities. Today we share our knowlge about data visualization – how it works, how it is defin what are its advantages.

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We will also present some, in our opinion, interesting examples, we will look at the tools to carry it out. Data visualization is an important area that we will try to introduce you to. Old map – a good example of data visualization that has been us for Bahamas Phone Number List centuries A map is  the convenience of readers, we have divid the article into two parts: basic, explaining the issue of data visualization, advanc. In the latter, people with at least basic knowlge of business analytics will be able to read about the specific applications of data  from it for their organizations.

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We invite you to read There is an open book in the foreground a code in the background The ability to use data with understing is call Data Literacy A brief definition of data visualization We encounter data visualization every day – surely everyone has seen examples UK Email Database of a line chart or pivot charts. Just look at the front pages of the newspapers. We see a visualization of the inflation level, a comparison of average temperatures in recent years, or election results. All infographics, scatter, line, pie, bar or surface charts, pivot tables, as well as heatmaps, cartograms or histograms that we see are visualiz data.

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