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This solution ensures communication of individual microservices with each other and takes care of their necessary dispersion between individual servers. The file archive from the container set is upload to the platform, which then runs the application. To build the environment for NNTFI l, we chose the OKD (Origin Kubernetes Distribution) platform, which is the Kubernetes distribution – the most popular solution in this area. The OKD platform allows you to create projects in a multi server environment. It also allows you to set a high level of isolation of individual projects from each other, and has built-in tools to support implementations in the mol. Thanks to the use of OKD, system velopment as well as testing and introducing changes are carri out faster, and updates appear more often.

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Into layers The presentation layer is the only one that can be access from the internet. It is us by end users and application administrators, who – thanks to the interfaces prepar for them – can it content and configure the way it is present. The logical layer is us for communication between the other layers. This is where applications and auxiliary components Tunisia Mobile Number List run and content is process. The data layer stores the information us by the application. The traffic between the layers has been limit to the functions necessary for the operation of the application. End users can therefore use the system only through the first tier. The others are not available from the Internet and are mainly us by the e- team to maintain the quality and availability of the application.

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Were initially launch on the OKD platform shar with other services for other e- clients. The new sign, however, requir more separation. This was due not only to the security of the application itself, but also to performance reasons. Finally, a cision was UK Email Database ma to transfer all projects for this client to the OKD platform dicat exclusively to it, bas on e- Private Cloud virtual machines. e- Private Cloud for the financial sector Using the e- service package – from application velopment and service, through hosting and infrastructure administration, allows the client to calmly al with the velopment of the system on his si – the sign process and information supply.

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