My experience in Japan Travel independently

What better way to find out which places are worth visiting, how to prepare your trip, survival tips and other recommendations about Japan than to hear it from someone who has just returned from there?

Read our conversation with Edgar, a tireless traveler, to learn more about his inspiring trip to Japan, the difficulties he encountered, the amazing places he visited, and the best advice he has for anyone planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Booking the Japan Rail Pass
Why did you decide to buy the Japan Rail Pass?

What kind of tickets did you buy 14 days in Standard class. I chose to visit Tokyo

I searched a lot of information online about Latest Mailing Database transportation prices in Japan and saw that the price of a one-way ticket from Tokyo to Osaka, the two major cities, cost more than buying a Japan Rail Pass. I decided to buy it because of the travel possibilities, the access it gives to all of Japan and, above all, because of the price.

Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Kamikochi National Park, Hida, Hiroshima and last but not least, the Japanese Alps.

How was the purchase process?
It was very simple and fast. They asked me for my girlfriend’s and my personal details (our passports), since I bought tickets for both of us. I then had to select the number of days, and this was it. A simple process. I ordered the tickets online on a Tuesday and received them on a Friday. I was really impressed with the speed of the service.

We were very impressed with the speed of the service What did you receive in the package

Latest Mailing Database

Along with the tickets, I received a map with train UK Email Database times, a letter with instructions that came in very handy when we arrived in the country and, of course, the two Exchange Orders.

Redeeming the Japan Rail Pass
What airport did you arrive at? Did the workers speak English?
My flight was arriving at Narita Airport in Tokyo. And not; They didn’t speak more than a very, very basic level of English. Even at the airport I needed to make an effort to understand them, using hands and signs. It was almost impossible and kind of funny, but we did it!

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