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Often we want to integrate programs with each other for example insert Google maps on your site so that the user can easily find any offline store in your network build a route to it. To do this the server of your site will contact the Google server this call will take place using the API. All these interactions are thought out configur develop by back-end specialists. the main difficulty of their work lies in the fact that it is not enough just to make each element separately it is important to debug the synchronous coordinat work of the entire mechanism so that the web resource quickly accurately performs all its functions.

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Backend development services Our company offers the development of solutions from scratch on a turnkey basis when your project is hl by a single well-coordinat team. However if you have your own front-end team want to order Slovenia Phone Number List only back-end development we provide such an opportunity. We will discuss the main services that will be includ here in a little more detail Formation of technical specifications on the basis of which development will take place As you already understood back-end development is a process that requires precision so that all relationships work correctly this requires the most accurate detail terms of reference which is not always possible for people who do not program professionally.

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We help with a detail study of the TOR in order to take into account all the requirements wishes make their implementation real. Selection of the appropriate technology bas on the objectives of the project As we have already said there are a huge variety of technologies each of them is suitable for certain tasks functions. We will help you choose a technology UK Email Database stack that is suitable for solving the problems of your particular project in order to implement all the necessary functionality as quickly efficiently as possible. A database is being develop a description of modules links We are thinking over a single system for storing exchanging information so that all components of your  problems with one another.

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