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Esponsible for both telecommunications services (internet, telephone) and provi us with other solutions, such as an online disk where our data will be stored. Such a solution can better secure our business.Do you want to provi your customers with even better service? Reach for the Customer Panel! This is an option for users with Focus sk . Thanks to this, you can serve your contractors even better, giv them access to the notification preview. The Customer Panel is an additional advanced function for the Focus sk system , which allows the end customer. Buyer of a product from an IT company or an e-commerce store) to create and track requests. It is divid into two parts – administrative. For configuration and management, and intend for the end user.

Customer panel How to use

The administration panel. The administration panel is used to manage. Accounts created by end customers. In addition, the. Ddministrator can view the list of people who have received an activation email or registered in the Panel. After purchas Canada Mobile Number List this feature, you can personalize its appearance as follows. Add your company logo select the color of the customer panel bar and the bar with the name set the color of the main menu change the hear text. customer panel write footer text formulate a greet displayed after logg into the Customer Panel by the end customer. Changes can be seen in the live view

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In addition the administrator

Can also view the list of End Customer accounts registered in the Panel, where he finds it E-mail address assigned to the account in the Customer Panel. Date of send the link to activate the End Customer’s account, user registration. And last login Status UK Email Database of a given user (active unregistered). Possibility to resend the activation link Or filter records by typed email address and user status. Customer panel. User Panel – excellent User Experience After creat an account in the Customer Panel, you can freely manage your requests, track them, view and view their history. This module also allows you to add new requests directly from your account.

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