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It is worth creating a campaign aim only at calling the list of contacts with whom the consultants had previously talk, but the sales meeting was not arrang. In Focus Contact Center, you can create an automatic campaign for which you specify the best call mo or specific agents who are to al with such a call. Thanks to the connection status fin by the consultants, the system automatically informs them when they should call the given phone number again. Thanks to the full customer contact history in the Focus Contact Center system, even new agents will be able to handle calling existing contacts in the database. All information necessary for an effective conversation can be found on a legible client card.

With the contact center system

Will never forget to call a customer again The more customers, the more profits. This simple rule may seem trivial, but after looking at it, we can conclu that more customers can also mean more chaos. This is where the functionalities of call contact Spain Phone Numbers List center platforms come to our aid. The Focus Contact Center system automatically monitors the work of agents, reminding them when they should call specific records the call center manager can termine in advance after what time it is necessary to call contacts who didn’t pick up the phone transferr the call to voic (the prictive calling mo does not connect such calls with consultants, it automatically disconnects such calls), ask to be contact again and many others.

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The correct orr is very important when

Arranging appointments over the phone Another extremely important functionality that will help in increasing the number of schul business calls is the appropriate orr of calling records. The bigger the company, the more numbers to call. Which of UK Email Database them are more caloric? What statuses do they have? What priority have they been given? On the contact center platform, all records are orr according to the criteria specifi by the call center manager. The database is divid in a way that can maximize the effectiveness of outbound campaigns. Calling records without first setting the goals and priorities of such activities can end badly, and the effectiveness of such an unrtaking is very difficult to prict.

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