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As communication with regular and potential customers is a process, it is good to perceive it in the perspective of process management ( Business Process Management ). Thus, when choos morn technologies , we must think about and generate workflow, information flow. This means that it is best to focus on automat some activities and increas the efficiency of agents’ work. Changes generat by new technologies First of all, morn solutions displace classic forms of contact. It also fundamentally changes the future of the call center itself. Until some time ago, they us mainly ordinary analog telephones or with automatic dial.

Those that help streamline processes

Currently VoiP  Voice over Internet Protocol phones are becom more and more popular. VoIP is a technology that allows speech transmission over the Internet. or networks us the IP protocol. The main advantage of such a solution is much lower Norway Mobile Number List costs for international calls. In addition, the new technology has also influenc the quality standards of customer service. Today’s consumer expectations are associat with much faster response times than in the past. Callers are also increasly irritat by the lack of personaliz communication and the ability to call them at a specific time. In turn, generation Y, millennials, do not want to communicate over the phone. They focus on other forms of contact – chat, email or sometimes even directly via the website.

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The extinction of the telemarket profession

The future of a call center or a call center without a future? Until recently, there was a lot of talk about the end of the call center era and . Multi-channel communication is gradually eliminat the telephone as the most common source of contact, especially among young people who switch to the Internet channel, much more willly us chat. In addition, digitization UK Email Database and online applications strive to enable customers to receive virtually immiate feback by post comments or rats on the platforms themselves (the case of Uber). It seems, therefore, that new technologies harm telemarket or telephone customer service. It turns out, however, that call and contact centers will not die at all, but their organization and form will change.

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