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More information and registration link – click here The percentage of First Call Resolution, problems report by customers that were alt with dur the first contact with the consultant, is one of the most important callcontact center indicators . While its importance in assess the quality of work is indisputable, achiev a high level of this measure requires many coordinat actions. Below are our tips to increase the level of FCR in your company. Contents Importance of First Call Resolution People – train and organization of work Knowlge base Technologies – useful functions of communication tools Importance of First Call Resolution Why is gett ths done on the spot” so important.

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Satisfaction and thus customer loyalty – a fundamental issue savs – ruction of work time and telecommunications expenses for subsequent contacts on the same matter better well-be, higher motivation and lower rotation of Indian Phone Number List consultants – rivatives of customer satisfaction. The rate of professional burnout of agents is significantly pennt on  in everyday contacts with them. spite the fairly common awareness of the importance of quickly solv customer problems, measur the effectiveness in this area is quite troublesome. Just like sett goals. They pend on the industry, type of services or goods, distribution method and several other factors.

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The ability to meet customer expectations

We will take up this topic in one of the next entries, and today we will al with the most effective ways to raise the level of First Call Resolution (FCR). People – train and organization of work ) “Hard” train on the procures for the implementation of applications UK Email Database product service – not only for novices, but also periodically renew train for experienc agents along with knowlge tests ) “Soft” train in customer service: a) rais awareness of the importance of FCR, b) learn to adapt the language us to the client’s knowlge (avoid technical and corporate jargon analysis of specific cases from customer service in the company and encouragement to exchange knowlge between agents.

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