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Behaviors of our customers The key element is to determine the age  gender of the people to whom we will address our offer A good example here will be cosmetic products for women  men, which are focus on selling to specific consumers (according to the division by gender) Often overlook information relat to the nationality  religion of users is of great importance This is relat to the religiousness of select social groups  the moral norms to which they are subject That is why many international companies decide to adjust the product to the location, ie to the nes  requirements of a given society, for example on the basis of religion How are consumer trends shap depending on.

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Demographic factors The ucation of recipients  the profession they perform has a decisive influence on their consumer tendencies Therefore, if a given br deals with the sale of specializ products (eg equipment  apparatus), they should properly target their offer  advertising to the right groups These issues are similar in the case of selling Chile Mobile Number List premium products, prepar for high-income customers These users will be much more likely to decide to buy such items than people with relatively low incomes PSYCHOGRAPHIC CRITERIA Psychographic criteria are important because they define the recipients’ preferences, which can.  most willingly decide to buy products Whether they will be young, mature or older people, it is relat to the business profile  the products  services present Customer trends  behaviors should be a key signal for you.

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Significantly affect their purchasing tendencies in a specific product department  their purchasing activities Nevertheless, they should not be treat as decisive, because it is not always possible to accurately describe a specific UK Email Database customer, taking into account only his inclination to purchase specific products or services The most important psychographic elements include the person’s lifestyle, personality  values BEHAVIORAL CRITERIA Behavioral criteria contain the most important factors necessary to gain knowlge about the select target audience They are most often associat with attitudes towards specific products.

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