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This form of advertising message allows you to install applications directly from the advertisement The two basic types of ads describ are: promoting application installation, ads that engage users We discuss the former type above, while ads that engage users are design to encourage them to return to the application  also to perform the desir actions Promoting the installation of applications is much more common advertising on the Internet DIGITAL AUTOMATION Marketing automation is a service that automates activities such as: preparation of proposals, recommending materials, reminding about events, rirecting to sites.

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Among others the following channels in its operation: e-mail, web push, mobile push, , mobile applications, social mia, communicators Thanks to this service, it is possible to get rid of, among other things, problems relat to abon shopping Bulgaria Mobile Number List carts in an online store However, this is only a small part of the whole potential of this element of digital marketing WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL MARKETING? The advantages of digital marketing include many channels of influencing recipients, as well as building a professional image We have describ above only some of the methods.

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Digital marketing is also activities outside the Internet Consistently conduct campaigns reach recipients from all sides However, they are subtle  subdu enough that potential customers do not treat them as intrusive Thanks to digital marketing, it is possible not only to attract customers, but also to ensure the best possible image of the br Consistent UK Email Database content marketing campaigns, advertising in social mia  SEO contribute to the image of a reliable  professional company A definite advantage of the describ activities is also the measurability of the effects As such, you may receive information Phases still others at six or even seven however, in order not to mix theoretical knowlge in our material, we will look at the marketing funnel consisting of five different advertising phases awareness of the future customer – how to whom to direct the advertisement.

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