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What to do so that your client does not experience it in contact with your company? The solution may be simple call queu. Especially in the current situation when most matters have to be alt with remotely telephone customer service at the highest level is a must have in every company. If you want your company to survive the turmoil associat with the panmic lockdown, you must focus on the quality of service . Secondly, of course, its multichannel nature . But today we will focus on the telephone channel. Let’s imagine this situation several customers call the company at the same time, effectively block the possibility of connect to the others.

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Questions via chat, emails and requests via the website form are wait for answers Who to serve first? And who should serve them? This is a serious Taiwan Mobile Number List problem for the BOK team, helpline consultants or reception staff. Especially since this problem will be classifi by the customer as a serious error in service . The queu function comes in handy in such a situation, which should be an essential function in a good contact center system . Queu was the first to be us in the handl of telephone calls, hence the full term “call queu” is quite often us.

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Queu on the example of a telephone channel. benefits of queu Queu has five very important benefits More calls receiv – customers do not hang up when they hear a busy signal, but wait until their call is handl. In this way, we do not lose a potential UK Email Database customer and we do not encourage a regular customer to immiately change the service provir . In addition, the number of handl calls increases by rirect calls to several employees at the same time. Less irritation of customers wait for a call customer irritation while wait for a call is greatest when he hears a busy signal in the handset for a long time.

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