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Your data in the helpsk system is safe A sktop system. Like most free open source helpsk systems, must be install on your servers. First, you must have these servers. Secondly, if your hard drives fail, for example, you may lose all your data. In a commercial system available in the cloud, you do not ne infrastructure. All data and the system itself are in the cloud. In the event of a failure, the data and the system are safe and work all the time – there are no downtimes. You will get to them instantly through any vice with Internet access. Easy help sk implementation Since free – or open source – helpsk systems are install at your place, you will ne an IT specialist to implement them.

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Already mention – infrastructure, and rarely goes smoothly. Malfunction, hinr the operation of other programs, or simply not work at all. The ticket handl system is not simple, so the possibility of errors and failures is much greater. Implementation Romania Mobile Number List in the cloud is carri out remotely by specialists, and the entire system operates on the servers of the system provir. If someth doesn’t work, a team of experts takes care of the problem. You do not have to incur additional costs – the entire implementation is includ in the offer. You will always receive support for your help sk system Free versions of ticket handl software usually don’t give you support.

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When someth doesn’t work you have to look for solutions on the website and internet forums and try to fix your helpsk system yourself. In commercial systems, implementation, train and support are guarante by the contract. A specialist will show you all UK Email Database the platform’s functions, help you configure it, and train your team. At any time, you can also contact the service office, which will forward your case to technicians. As the system is in the cloud, the repair will be carri out remotely, and its maximum duration is guarante by the SLA agreement. Polish prices for the help sk program If you choose a Polish solution, the prices will be Polish.

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