Tool To Track The Actions Of Recipients

Facebook to connect to the plugin The second option is. Which require the user to have appropriate expertise It is a solution direct much more towards. Professional programmers  developers They can also be done using Google Tag Manager , but in this case we will focus on implementing using the Event Manager in both cases How to implement API using Event Manager To configure the API using configuration tools, go to the Event Manager  follow the sequence: Select the Data Sources icon on the left side of the panel Click on the pixel you want to connect to.

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Using Conversion API  then Install code manually Click Continue  select the events you want to upload Use the recommend events menu,  select Continue again  Select the parameters you want to select for the events Select Continue  Verify the parameters Belize Mobile Number List Select Confirm configuration  Then choose to send instructions to the developer or implement it yourself In the first case, check the Send me a copy of this email box, then select Send instructions  Enter your e-mail address  select the Send button again  Thanks to these simple steps, the developer you choose will receive a message with an invitation to configure it in.

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Do this manually by selecting the Open Deployment Guide option  After that, you will be rirect to the tool configuration in the Event Manager HOW DOES THE CONVERSION API WORK? WHAT CAN YOU GAIN? Advertising actions taken with UK Email Database the API will be much more effective  relevant In the case of the Facebook pixel, all data is collect from the browser level The Facebook server is us in the API Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly optimize the data obtain on your website, without the awareness of users The fact of tracking recipients is often perceiv negatively by them In this case, we do not have to worry about the detection of.

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