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Reach your customers By group customers accord to the criteria you set, you will reach them more easily. If you know what they were buy, you can reach them with another version of a given product, a similar product or an addition to it. Segmentation of the email database is also necessary for services that require periodic renewals – insurance policies, subscriptions, licenses, but also for warranty reviews or research. By group customers by reminr dates, you will reach them with email market at the very moment when they start to think about the purchase. And you will help them in this: you will sell your product to someone who nes it and will be happy that he sav time.

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Where to get data for segmentation? There are several possibilities, but first think about what data you really ne. If you sell self-presentation train, do you ne the home address of the potential trainee? Potential customers are reluctant to provi Armenia Mobile Number List their tails – and the more information you require, the less will they are to give it. On the other hand, from your perspective, clutter the database with unnecessary information that you might use somay is a waste of time, both when collect it and when try to manage it. Once you’ve termin what data you ne, here are the options for obtain it: Forms and surveys – us, for example, to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Their data, so limit the number of fields to the minimum necessary. Analytics and traffic research on your website – a treasury of knowlge that you don’t have to ask anyone for. By observ the hours when a potential customer visits your website and what UK Email Database products they are interest in, you gain valuable information about their preferences. History of contacts and purchases – this is a source of knowlge directly from the customer. Know what he bought and carefully analyz the full communication with your company, you can termine many characteristics ( age group) important for further sales or service. Often, even a casual conversation, on the phone or at an event (fairs, conferences) can provi valuable data.

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