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An ia consultant should be competent ( % of responnts) but also polite and nice (both answers were mark by over % of responnts). And what? All three of  a school valictorian In addition, work on the phone generates a simple career path. First of all, promotion is possible there thanks to obience, strict adherence to rules, scripts and the ability to conduct conversations. Thus, women are better at the role of listeners and can create an atmosphere of individual treatment of the interlocutor. Dr. Hyltgren believes that women are much more guiline compliant than men and are even more compliant with specific rules. Accord to the researcher, such behavior is conducive both at school and as a subordinate, but it hinrs the way to promotion.

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With sexism here  In my opinion, the answer to this question is ambiguous. Yes, the data speak for themselves, and certainly a call center can even be call a female ghetto ,” as Vicky Belt put it in her article Capitaliz on femininity: genr and the utilization Czech Republic Mobile Number List of social skills in telephone call centers. Works al with this issue are also important from the sociological point of view and can give food for thought to every woman who wants to make a career in business. However, on the other hand, you should also look at other statistics that show that the fair sex is not do badly in their professional career.

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A good example is the data of the Nestlé company, where % of employees are women (and who nes parity?), and % are employ in managerial positions. Did these representatives of the fair sex receive a different upbr? Not necessarily. Companies are UK Email Database increasly appreciat skills stereotypically regard as feminine, treat it as an excellent alternative to “male” hard-hand management. In addition, more and more attention is be paid to genr equality at work and to reach out to women. It seems that this trend could also be follow by telemarket centers, where there may be a huge potential for women on the labor market.

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