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Effective Facebook Ads advertising campaigns Take advantage of a free consultation! WHAT IS FACEBOOK REMARKETING? The purpose of Facebook remarketing campaigns is to show relevant advertising to users who have (or have not) perform a specific activity on your website In this way, you can influence a specific group of recipients  offer them the best sales conditions  This is one of the stages of building a relationship with the client  increasing the recognition of your br  To better underst the importance of remarketing on Facebook, it is worth recalling the characteristics of website traffic Hot  cold traffic on the website Advertising campaigns aim at everyone generate.

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Above all,cold traffic This name includes users entering the website without knowing it They are here for the first time  want to find out what your company can offer them  how to help them These types of visits usually happen without conversion In Georgia Mobile Number List contrast, users who enter your website who are familiar with your br constitute warm traffic  They already know what they can find on the website they visit  are more orient towards purchasing the product The goal of remarketing is to turn cold traffic into warm traffic in order to generate more sales The stages of knowing your.

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The relationship with your br is best illustrat by the sales funnel  It presents the next stages that the customer must go through to finally make a purchase When is the best time to start remarketing? It should be present throughout the user UK Email Database journey – constantly reminding them of your br The sales funnel consists of five important stages: Sbox  The top part of the funnel where all the users who have a problem  are trying to solve it are locat However, at this stage, they take it casually are not willing to take specific steps At this point, test Advertising Assets bas on a low budget  collecting as many hits as possible are us This way you can generate cold traffic to your website ToFu (Top of the Funnel) , the top of the funnel Users present at this stage visit websites  

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