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Order a free quote!Google Helpful Content – Update to support useful content October , A new Google algorithm update is ahead Helpful Content Another of the Google update package supporting content publish on the Internet more for a human than for a Google robot. According to Google, the new update aims to ensure that users see original , above all, useful content in the search results. You can answer – yes! My content is for a human, not for a robot.. But are you sure? In the article, we will provide you with some of the most important information about the changes. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with them! Contents Official facts about the algorithm update What is Google.

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Your results What is Low Value Content – How do I know if my content is relevant? What do valuable answers look like? – A few words about featur snippets. Is it possible to check the number of my items? Direct Answer positions in Senuto Does position Luxembourg Phone Number List directly affect the number of visits to the website? Similar questions section – useful snippet for the user? Summary Official facts about the algorithm update Update announcement date August , Implementation end date September , Content verification method Automatic new ranking signal. Estimat time of visibility changes A few months from the signal. Applicable change area Entire domain, not individual subpages.

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How can it hurt your results? There is a lot of content on the Internet – from texts, photos, videos, to learning platforms. It is estimat that the Internet currently weighs” more than two zettabytes of data. Among them, we can specify the simplest user queries, whether hard-boil eggs should cook in or minutes, or whether the next Sunday is a trading UK Email Database Sunday. As a user, you would like to receive information immiately that responds directly to your inquiry. But how is it now? One of the dominant ranking factors is undoubtly the saturation of key phrases in the right form. For this reason, many texts containing several thous characters correspond in the introduction to what came first – the chicken or the egg, or about the nutritional value of eggs. You’ll have to go through a lot of text before the actual answer comes out.

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