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When looking at your competitor’s links, pay attention to what type of site they come from. Are they websites with sponsor articles, blogs with advice, or maybe well-known industry portals? If many of your rivals have these types of links, it is worth considering establishing similar partnerships or becoming active in the mia. The competitor often appears on industry forums? Maybe it’s worth looking for a way to reach its users. Content metadata analysis Thanks to the tools, you are able to leading to your competition’s websites, even their volume or places where rivals are display.

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However the question arises – where did these positions come from? It is at this point that a detail review of individual websites begins. A few basic elements that are worth paying attention to when analyzing the competition are: website USA Phone Number List structure (subpages, menu structure), header structure, length of content how often keywords appear in it, metadata construction. Find out which elements of your competitors’ offer have separate subpages, what their URL, metadata header structure look like. Pay attention to how they are describ, as well as how rivals use the keywords that interest you. Do they have a blog? What content is publish on it? It sounds like a plan for a long tious work, but it will give you many valuable conclusions.

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Want to learn more about SEO-relevant website elements? See: Creating a website for SEO – where to start? Technical aspects of the site Technical issues in competitor analysis are elements bordering on SEO UX. Google bots try to imitate UK Email Database user behavior. Therefore, if there are deficiencies on the page, the search engine crawlers will also notice them. The first aspect is the page loading spe. Differences of opinion when it comes to its impact on SEO are huge, but the update relat to the new Core Web Vitals schul for mid-2021 clearly shows – an efficiently loading website, whose interface is display correctly regardless of the device, is a more or less plus in the assessment Google.

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