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A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. He start his career in business in the telecommunications and IT sectors. Since , he has been associat with Focus Telecom Polska as the Presint of the Management Board, with whom he velop an IT cloud solution for telecommunications services for companies – Focus Contact Center. The product very quickly achiev the lead position on the Polish market. The article “Professionalization of call center services” was publish in the th issue of the weekly “Gazeta Finansowa”How many times have you heard that cold call is ad? Probably many times.

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Profitability of the creases every year, that the wispread use of mobile phones kills cold call, that it is a waste of time, because it is the most difficult way to acquire a customer, and long-term exposure of the salesman to hang up the phone / offend Bulgaria Mobile Number List reluctance of uninterest people can cause far-reach consequences such as professional burnout and resignation from work. discourag? Sure. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of cold call is still do well, and well-conduct campaigns can support sales in any company . So what is the key to success? First of all – be prepar . It is known that hardly anyone likes to make calls to “unheat” potential customers.

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It is worth tak steps that will minimize the risk of wast effort. Below are steps to a successful cold call campaign . . Contact list tailor to the campaign Create and verify a list of campaign contacts . Consir all the communication channels your potential UK Email Database customers may use. If necessary, expand your search and do thorough research . Remember that the data you obtain is complete and does not force callers to perform additional searches. It is also very important to know whether you are allow to process this data . Make sure, if possible, the list you create inclus as many cision-makers in their companies as possible.

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