Why and how to implement an effective lead scoring strategy

What if your business doesn’t use lead scoring? What can be the impact on your turnove if you do not identify your best prospects? Your marketing and sales teams probably have the answers to these questions… and of course, these are not necessarily positive! Most marketers agree that having a lead scoring strategy in place is a must! And it’s certainly not me who will say the opposite… Besides, Laurent  made it clear to me when we discussed the subject. If you want to boost your ROI, you don’t have to stop at the lead generation stage. They must also be noted in order to determine which ones are really ready to buy.

So how do you set up an effective lead scoring strategy

Lead scoring is a methodology aimed at classifying leads according to their level of maturity.

This classification is usually based on their behaviors. To put it simply, lead scoring consists of assigning a score to your prospects according to their Azerbaijan Phone Number List degree of maturity in relation to your offer.

The higher its score, the more a lead is considered a qualified prospect, that is, a prospect likely to become your customer.

Le lead scoring: what bag

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You necessarily give it a high score compared to a lead who just visited the home page of your website.

Know that by determining hot prospects, you make it easier for your sales teams.

Indeed, they will only focus their efforts on prospects who are ready to buy.

To sum up, your sales and marketing teams UK Email Database will be able to take pleasure in their work and improve their performance thanks to lead scoring.

By creating your own theme, you avoid taking risks. You are fully in control of your code. If a problem occurs in such or such place of your site, you will know immediately where it comes from (logically…).

To estimate a prospect’s score, you don’t necessarily need a calculator!

You simply have to base yourself on a few criteria:


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