Lazada Paid Search Complete Guide

Therefore,  Introduction to Sponsored Search
Lazada Paid Search / Sponsor Search is an advertising campaign that appears in the product search results of buyers who are looking for products that are relevant or similar to the SKU you have selected. For example, if you select laptop as your SKU for sponsored search. When a customer searches for this particular product on Lazada, your product will appear above product searches as a sponsored ad if your product is relevant and your bid is high enough.

For sellers who are new to digital advertising campaigns

The terms commonly used in Lazada paid search campaigns.

What does it mean
Use up The total amount of the amount to be spent or already spent
Impressions The number of times your sponsored product was shown
Click The number of times your sponsored product got a unique click
Click-Through Rate (CTR) How often people who see your sponsored product click on it
Cost per click (CPC) The average amount you pay each time someone clicks on your campaign product
Conversion rate (CR) The click rate that actually resulted in a product purchase
Units Sold The total number phone number list of times your product was sold after being clicked
Income The amount of money earned through purchasing your product after pushing the campaign
Return on Investment (ROI) The revenue you earn versus the amount you spend on the campaign
CR shop How often sponsored search products lead to purchases of other products in your store listing
Shop Units For Sale The number of units sold from your product listing after your sponsored product was clicked

Product Exposure

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Sponsored search lets you propel your product to the top of Lazada search results in an instant. Hence, you can increase your exposure at the right time and to the right audience.

Increase Sales
Based on the search behavior of a customer’s specific keywords, sponsored searches will be able to reach your audience.

Therefore,  The Lazada team also optimizes the SKUs you select based on historical buyer behavior. That being said, you get the added assurance that the people who click on your product are more likely to convert.

Data collection
Data plans pack a tremendous punch when it comes to strategically achieving your business goals. One of the best UK Email Database things about Lazada Sponsored Search is that you can get real-time data that is easily accessible to you via the Search Search dashboard.

Along with your Sponsored Search service, you will also have access to the following:

This is where you will see the overall performance of your Sponsored Search campaign. There will also be a snapshot of GMV, ROI and units sold available to you.

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