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Entrepreneurs face a fine of up to annual turnover. Christopher Sobczak January , The tenant may pay more when his precessor has exhaust the limit for cheaper electricity You don’t ne a bitcoin miner to use MWh of energy, for which we will pay lower bills. This is a problem that tenants may have, especially those who change their flat in the second half of this year. Because the calculation of the limit takes into account the total energy consumption in this apartment in It would be worth verifying it already at the stage of concluding the contract, but it will not be an easy task. Monika Sevastianowicz January , Will the tenant pay for the sins of the precessor.

Discount for electricity not for everyone

Tenant who changes an apartment during the year. Should check his electricity bills, because he may pay higher rates for the. Extravagance of his precessors. He will also not take advantage of some preferences if he does not lead to the meter being rewritten to Switzerland Phone Numbers List himself if he is a person with a disability. Most likely. It can also say goodbye to the lower electricity price in Monika Sevastianowicz Rent time to. Analyze contracts with tenants HOME FINANCE PIT TAX ADVISOR POLSKI ŁAD The new year brings significant changes to the taxation of real estate rental. Experts advise taxpayers to analyze contracts with tenants make possible changes to them so as to specify that the costs of utilities, which are physically paid by the llord, are reimburs by the tenant.

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Such provisions will make it possible

To exclude these amounts from the scope of taxable income. Wieslawa Moczydlowska December , Rents in shopping malls are in euros tenants prefer UK Email Database zlotys CIVIL LAW MARKET CONSUMER The Polish Association of Commercial Tenants believes that lease agreements in shopping malls should be express in zlotys, not in euros. Currently, most tenants are oblig to sign contracts with rent express in euros. They consider it unjustifi unfair for shops or service points that, operating in Pol, receive payments from customers in zlotys.

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