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Us many separate tools at the same time is troublesome – as I point out together with Włok Sumiński in articles about integration ( read part here and part here ), a separate CRM and contact center system is a source of serious problems. And these are just two systems. Usually, however, you use other tools at your place – a system for register customer requests, a telephone exchange, a work time management system, or a mail tool. Then the problems multiply: your consultants waste time switch between systems, they do not have quick access to all information, they forget to make changes from one system to another (third, fourth ), they make mistakes , they have access to one system and not the other because.

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Permissions At the end, someone (probably you) sits at night do migrations between systems, let half of the database out of fatigue. Hence the ne for integration – that is, such a “coordination” of all tools so that they communicate with each other. The Philippines Mobile Number List pursuit of integration is also a very noticeable trend, not only in business communication. This is completely unrstandable as integration has a huge advantage over fragment systems. Still, it’s not a perfect solution. First, integration is not always possible . The systems can be so different that the resources and time requir to integrate.

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Or they can have a clos architecture, which results in the same. Secondly, in orr to successfully integrate, you ne to know how to do it : prepare a specification, perform a pre-implementation analysis, program everyth, test it, and then maintain it. And the UK Email Database specialists who can do it for you are very expensive. Third, even successful integration takes time and someone has to do it for you. Probably not for free . Fourth, if the integration is successful, after some time you may find that you haven’t integrat everyth you ne. So the whole operation has to start all over again. Fifth, you still have several systems. That means several different provirs.

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