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For generating traffic to a website, the top positions in searches carried out in major search engines, as this is one of the pillars of digital marketing. Organic traffic, that is, what comes from clicks on Google’s response pages, is qualified traffic , traffic with a very high conversion rate. Therefore, doing an SEO audit is critical to success in terms of search engine exposure. Can you imagine increasing your website’s organic hits by 100% or even more, with adjustments that often don’t require such a large investment.

We make a careful analysis

That’s exactly what a professional SEO audit can do for your website. Let’s see how this process works What does an SEO audit involve? As we said database earlier, a  should address the most diverse dimensions of the process of optimizing websites for search engines. seo course The SEO work must be seen as a whole, that is, addressing the various dimensions of the search engine optimization process, so that you can really stand out on Google. In addition, an analysis of the competition in SEO also helps a lot.

Professional SEO audit


When we create an SEO project ,  of each of these dimensions, precisely so that the work is perfect. Even so, it is essential to always be monitoring these various aspects. Among them we can highlight: Structural SEO – Analysis of SEO factors UK Email Database involving the structure of the site; SEO On Page – Analysis of SEO elements on each page of the site; SEO Off Page – Analysis of the external links that the site receives and their quality; SEO On Serp – Analysis of SEO factors that further highlight the site in searches. In the Structural SEO part , factors such as the existence of broken links.

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