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Between the company and the client. It also helps in manag them – that is, it allows you to connect the client with the right resources. Unlike CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems , the Call Center system is not a database, although it can also collect data. Its main goal is to match individual customers to the company’s resources – that is, direct the customer to the best and fastest service bas on the collect or recogniz information. Regardless of whether it is a simple inquiry, the sale of a service or a complaint. The Call Center system facilitates incom and outgo communication (Inbound and Outbound), accepts orrs, helps in sell products and services, reports.

The aim of the Call Center system

Better service and in particular gain customer trust by improv the quality of service. That is, by spe it up, simplify it and personaliz it. The system allows for the effective implementation of sales processes and improves the flow of information in the Pakistan Mobile Number List organization. It works perfectly even in complex telemarket tasks thanks to the use and integration of multiple communication channels. A system such as the Focus Contact Center ensures close to answer and efficiency of outgo calls . Collects all information about agent interactions with customers in one place. This is about every activity of both customers and agents – from the number of calls and r, through work time and termin agent breaks, data from orrs, scripts and forms, to the effect of conversations.

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All information can be freely compil in

Real time into clear reports, thanks to which it is possible to effectively manage campaigns and ruce their costs. call center system. Cloud solution A cloud solution in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mol allows you to open your own call center without UK Email Database the ne for long-term implementation and purchase of equipment and an additional server. It all remains with the service provir. The number of stations can be increas or creas at any time without the ne for technician intervention or purchase of new equipment. The agent can access his workstation remotely – the condition is an Internet connection. The company sell the Cloud CallContact.

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