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So what is the best way to al with such failures? . First, don’t panic! If your telecommunications provir has a failure, remember not to panic above all. If you have a problem with the services, please contact your service provir first . However, if the failure is large, access to the helpline may be difficult . Still, there is no need to worry, even though large-scale disorientation can cause a lot of chaos. In this case, however, make good use of other communication channels, includ the Internet . Sometimes the media will provi us with information. However, if the failure is not on a massive scale, it is worth writ in the chat or enter the supplier’s profile on Social Media, where it should be possible to obtain information.

Failure of the telecommunications system

Compensation The basic questions related to the failure of the telecommunications system on the part of the supplier are actually of a legal nature. The recipient has a series of rights related to the interruption of access to the service. Unfortunately, the Austria Phone Numbers List customer is not able to terminate the contract with the operator who has technical problems, even if they last a long time. However, he can claim compensation. As for the so-called universal service , the subscriber is entitled to compensation for each day of interruption in its provision in the amount of of the average.

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Monthly fee calculated on the basis

Bills from the last three bill periods, but it cannot be longer than the last months. Compensation is not due if the total time of breaks in the settlement period was less than hours. ( pursuant to Article ( ) of the Telecommunications Law , Journal of Laws UK Email Database of , No. , item , as amend) In turn, for each day of interruption in the provision of post-paid telephone services last longer than hours, the subscriber is entitled to compensation in the amount of of the monthly subscription fee. Compensation is due to service recipients also in the event of a failure of the Internet service.

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