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But what Europe’s most Muslim country really wants relations with the state of Israel.That desire was evident during a recent visit by six American investors to the small Balkan state. Their March – trip was organiz by Kosovo’s de facto mission to the Unit Nations and l by New York real estate executive Michael Mintz. During their -minute audience with Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj Mintz and five other delegates sat at a long conference table decorat with miniature flags of the Unit States Israel and Kosovo.”We are very proud of our cooperation with the US and the Jewish people and Israel as a nation is a good model to followHaradinaj told his friends.

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We take the same international positions.Similar pro-Zionist sentiment was evident during a later meeting with Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli.”We are very close to Israel so I have never understood why Israel has not recogniz Kosovohe Bahrain Mobile Number List said adding however that when his Albanian country talk about joining Interpol Israel abstain. “For us that means it was a success. It is the first time that Israel is thinking seriously about Kosovo and this is so important for us”.In Pacolli was at a dinner with the then president of Israel Shimon Peres in Kazakhstan and discuss the possibility of Israeli recognition of Kosovo.”It’s very strange to mehe said.

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That my grandfather told me about the Jewish families in Kosovo during the Second World War. They were lov. And that has to be compensat in a way by recognizing us.”A Jewish museum for KosovoIn fact neighboring Albania – which like Kosovo is UK Email Database prominantly Muslim – manag to hide of the country’s Jewish citizens as well as to Jews from other countries during the Nazi occupation.Kosovo’s role during the war is less clear and remains a matter of controversy. Some Kosovars like Arslan Resniqi rescu Jews and were later honor by Israel’s Yad Vashem – the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem – as “righteous Gentiles.

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