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Higher level spe of customer service : the “Customer Card” function enables automatic intification of the returning customer, also displays the appropriate contact card in the CRM system to the BOK consultant. Thanks to this, the right consultant immiately sees the history of interaction with the client can build an individual relationship with him. At the same time, he does not waste time searching for information contain in e-mails, on yellow cards or even in the memory of (perhaps absent that day!) employees. improving the quality of customer service: by correctly intifying the caller assigning calls to the right consultants at the right time. This makes it easier for consultants to meet the requirements of SLA stards.

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The relationship maintenance mechanism allows you to direct calls to the consultant who has recently alt with the customer. The caller no longer has to unrgo repeat verification examination of the case. This saves time for both the customer BOK List of Mobile Phone Numbers consultants. Customers treat in this way feel important to us, their positive opinion about us will pay off in the future! higher level of BOK availability: optimal use of connection queues, IVR transfers allows you to achieve almost 100% availability shorten the time of hling each request. complete elimination of unresolv requests from clients: thanks to the integration of many systems, the client is guarante that his case will be hl according to establish stards as soon as possible. The turbulent situation on the international market causes huge changes in the functioning of enterprises.

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The transport industry. Changing regulations, growing consumer ms, complicat logistics processes or rising fuel prices are just a few of the challenges currently fac by transport companies. That is why morn technologies in transport are a necessity UK Email Database today. IT systems for the transport industry What morn technologies will prove themselves in transport? We scribe them briefly below, dividing them into several main categories. Orr hling systems Dicat software for transport companies allows for full automation of the process of hling transport orrs. In the dynamicallyof service processes is a must.

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