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Spite the adjustment of the system, with prictive dial there are situations in which the conversation lasts longer than usual and calls initiat dur this conversation are not handl. It may also happen that the consultant, as a result of illness, will work slower than usual, and the system will serve him calls in accordance with the normal pace of work of that person. That is why prictive dial works best in the work of larger teams of agents (minimiz the risk of dropp calls). It also works well in campaigns in which the risk of not handl the call and possible loss of the client are compensat by the high efficiency of the consultants’ work.

Progressive dial Progressive dial is associat

With a much lower rate of work for agents than programmable dial, but there is no risk of miss calls and agents have a little more time to familiarize themselves with caller information. This is the dial mo often us for upsale campaigns target exist Japan Phone Number List customers, cross-sell or business-to-business sales . Agents are book a pretermin amount of time to review the customer’s history. Preview dial Preview dial works well for complex campaigns where customer stories are long and a thorough review of them is essential for mak a call. While agents waste time wait for calls, includ answer machines or voicemails.

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This is usually appropriate solution for complex

Projects such as bt collection activities or the sale of complex business-to-business products. It is also a good choice in campaigns involv multiple contact with the client, when agents know the best individually agre contact hours (preview gives the agent the freom to choose the number he cis to call at a given moment). Recommend uses of individual UK Email Database automatic dial mos. All dial mos are available in the user-friendly Focus Contact Center system . Focus Telecom specialists support system users in its administration and consult the choice of dial mo for a specific campaign.Greater customer satisfaction, higher agent productivity, savs and more clos als.

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