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However this solution means that you have little their proper operation. You don’t have access to physical vices. Therefore, when someth happens – there is a power outage, a fire breaks out, or an unauthoriz person causes a failure on purpose (you can read about the importance of security in cloud services in the article about a secure contact center ) you are completely pennt on the efficiency and spe of the supplier’s service technicians. In an emergency situation, every moment of unavailability of the service means measurable material losses. The aforemention call center, which cannot make calls due to a switchboard failure, does not sell, does not serve customers, does not conduct telephone surveys – it is only a cost generator.

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One minute of unavailability of services, regardless of , for a smaller company it will be correspondly less (this sum is certainly inflat by the giants Exit Mobile Phone Numbers of global business). However, this amount shows how important remote IT systems are for the existence of enterprises. Hence, in the event of a failure, your to be or not to be pends on the provir. And that is why it is so important to inclu the level of availability in the SLA agreement – it will be a kind of whip on the supplier who, if he does not meet the conditions, will pay a penalty.

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What should an SLA inclu? A well-construct service level agreement should contain the follow elements: Requir level of availability – The level of availability is usually specifi as a percentage of the service’s availability time per year. Currently, the % rate UK Email Database is a poor result – it translates into , minutes of annual unavailability (over days), or, bas on the average cost per minute quot above, almost USD , , in loss to the company . The process of monitor and report the level of service – the way of supervis the function of the service, collect statistics and mak these statistics available to you by the provir.

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