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Fast start of trading Immiately after the launch of the campaign ads begin to bring customers. Since it will not be possible to quickly promote an online store using the same method thanks to Google Shopping you will be able to bring customers before you get the effect of search engine optimization. Visibility of information When setting up shopping campaigns product photos prices name other important information that the user takes into account when choosing a product are upload. That is you provide him with as much information as possible so that he decides to buy. Thanks to this tool interest users come to the site.

Google Shopping still has few drawbacks

It is necessary to pay attention to negative keywords in order to cut off inappropriate traffic; before launch it is important to carefully prepare the site register in the Google Merchant Center service to set up ads create a fe for uploading product items. In Tunisia Phone Number List any case this tool can be confidently add to the best ways to promote an online store. Display banner advertising Google Display Network is a network of online resources services mobile applications where you can set up online store ads. Unlike search advertising such a promotion tool provides a wider choice of ad formats text; graphic; text-graphic; videos multimia.

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Ways to set up impressions for your own target audience according to specifi criteria age region of residence gender etc. as well as according to the types of sites where ads will be plac. With GMS ads you can familiarize the target audience with the product; receive direct sales by advertising products; increase the visibility of the online store; attract UK Email Database target audience to the site by advertising content; return users who visit the online store earlier. Display ads interact with Internet users even before they have shown direct interest in products. That’s why it’s a great bring tool – creating a recognizable image for your online store. The ROI of Display Network campaigns depends on how well you were able to set up impressions as well as on the ads themselves.

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