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As research shows, customer dissatisfaction with the quality of communication with the company translates directly into a crease in the value of their orrs. Source: Aberen Group report. What should omni-channel be like in sales and customer service? The most common mistake when implement omnichannel is to assume that simply provid several channels of communication will do the trick. Without a reconsir communication structure in the company, online and offline integration, and appropriate train of consultants. Bas on a number of market surveys from recent years, we will try to present the main customer expectations and suggest omni-channel solutions. ) online and offline integration – prices, discounts, assortment.

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Into online and real buyers. The standard is ROPO and reverse ROPO – view in a stationary store before buy online, as well as view in an online store before buy in real life. The differentiation between online and offline offers only annoys France Mobile Number List consumers. Omni-channel in sales and customer service requires responsiveness or adapt to the mobile and sktop versions of online stores. ) the actual integration of communication in the company That is, the immiate registration of each contact with the customer and the information provid by him in the central customer database ( in the CRM system integrat with the communication management platform.

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Who contact customers. In this way, for example, the information sent over the phone that the customer has four children can be us dur the next contact, in a chat. Integration must also apply to information leav the company . Offers present to a client by one consultant in one channel must be immiately known to all other consultants who may contact UK Email Database that client. ) plann and organiz communication After each contact with the client, further communication with him should be plann (summaries – Focus Contact Center classifiers are a useful tool ). It can be send a holiday offer, send information about the progress of repair the vice, etc. ) smooth communication A typical problem – a website with a contact form and a chat channel, a phone number provid, encouragement to contact via FB but.

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