Importantly Embedded Analytics Allows

Big Data Huge datasets are easier to underst with visualization Embd Analytics (embd analytics) Unlike traditional Business Intelligence, which assumes the use of external applications, embd analytics enables the use of analytical tools from the level of a business application already us in the organization. Therefore, there is no ne to switch between applications, which results in time savings of – hours per week for each user (source: Nucleus Research, report “Augmenting intelligence with embd analytics. Built-in analytics allows you to emb analytical tools in the interface of your business applications, integrate data with an external application, and dashboards (dashboards) and adapt them to the user’s needs.

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Create and share reports with people outside your company: customers, partners or suppliers. Watch out for distorted visuals! Over the years, people have become immune to advertising slogans or promises of politicians. The case is a bit different if we are presented with data in graphical form, and these are easy to manipulate. But why would anyone want to Bahrain Phone Number List visualize data in such a way as to mislead the recipient? If only to reinforce your narrative, although sometimes it can be a simple mistake. So how can you, consciously or not, manipulate data visualization? Inappropriate scale or its change You should start the Y-axis with otherwise the difference of a few percent may seem colossal.

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That’s what Chevrolet This is a classic example of cherry picking, i.e. choosing only events that fit the narrative. An example of a manipulation in a line graph where the Y-axis does not start at zero The Y axis does not start from zero, which falsifies the message – in this case it was a deliberate move The scale on the Y axis UK Email Database otherwise the graph may not be readable. Moreover, the X-axis should cover a wider time range than, for example, a few months. Otherwise, the graph may distort reality. This happens when companies want to boast of month-on-month growth, when on a yearly basis growth would not be so conspicuous. Using an inappropriate chart to convey information A good (bad) example is a pie chart and its use for data that does not add up to 100%. For example, when we study the  group.

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