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The ne to increase the effectiveness of companies will certainly be met by solutions in the cloud – one of the IT mols that offers a significantly cheaper way to extend the functionality and use of IT than stationary solutions. Finance is not everyth If the cloud is financially beneficial, is there anyth that can stand in the way of its ployments in times of crisis? As research by Alcatel Lucent shows, for companies that ci to use this type of solutions, not only finances are important, but above all the issues of security, quality and availability of services. Accord to the responnts, these factors constitute a certain barrier to us services in the cloud comput mol.

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Valid also dur the crisis. So what can service provirs do to overcome them and encourage further implementations? ucation from the supplier Convinc the company to transfer key business processes to the cloud requires efforts in the field of Bahrain Mobile Number List ucation about the security and reliability of these services. Market opinions on cloud comput technology should by no means be unrestimat and require cloud provirs to adopt the right approach to the client. Greater emphasis should be plac primarily on communication. In this case, the key should be to.

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Company and the processes tak place in it – mov from the position of a seller to an advisor in the field of cloud comput. A new challenge for cloud UK Email Database service provirsthere is also a change in think about cooperation with the client – from provid ready-ma solutions, they should head towards think in the category of sign a customiz solution in accordance with the client’s requirements. Chang the approach and meet market expectations must be the priority of every cloud service provir for the com years – especially in a crisis.

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