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The first of them will be visible on your profile The rest will be hidden. Thanks to recommendations from customers, employees friends, the profile becomes crible in the eyes of potential business partners. This greatly encourages potential customers or partners to accept the invitation, conversation or phone call. People you don’t know yet will trust you more easily believe in your experience. Featur content The featur content section is a great tool to rirect the user to a specific place longer forms of content. In here you can put, among others articles or publications publish on LinkIn yours, links leading to the website, multimia in the form of a document, presentation, PDF, infographics etc.

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Profile that is worth filling out Place in this section company materials, samples of your work, a link to your website, references, guides or other documents that will interest your target group. If the user performs an action in the form of reading upload Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List files, there is a good chance that he will stay on your profile much longer or contact you! Order a free quote! Technical aspects of completing a personal profile on LinkIn Finally, some tips to attract more people to your personal profile. Disable “People who view this profile also view” in your privacy settings Thanks to this, you have a chance for users to stay on the profile longer. On the Internet, you can come across people who say that it is a “doubleg sword” which is somewhat true.

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Profile will also not appear in the suggest ones. However, if you are active on LinkIn, you don’t ne to be there you direct your audience to your profile! Block access to your contact network in the visibility settings so that other people can only see UK Email Database mutual friends. Set the profile as public in the privacy settings so that others can find it enter it from outside the LinkIn portal from Google search. By going to your personal profile on LinkIn on the right, at the top, you will find a button to it your public profile. You can also just click on this link Change your profile link to a personaliz one You will do it in the same place where you set the profile as public. Personalize the link so that it does not contain rom numbers.

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